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Activity Log

October 23, 2019
- Card Chain: dirtydancing18
- QOTW: catchingfire20, hp5-lunalovegood10
- Forum Announcement Freebies: twilight02, awtr-onlyhope15

October 3, 2019
- Doubles Exchange: cityofbones11, pitchperfect10, rent12 for easya-olivependerghast06, passengers13, rent20
- 9/29 Update: littlemermaid-ariel14, littlemermaid-ariel16, inception06, inception15, hpgobletoffire07, hpgobletoffire20, titanic-drawing02, titanic-drawing15, sherlockholmes02, wreckitralph09, twilight05, tnbc11, aquaman19, littlemermaid15, titanic-drawing14
- Unreleased Cards Vote: awtr-jamielandon17, alwaysbemymaybe18, prideandprejudice-mrdarcy05
- Tangled: toystory113
- Blackjack: batb-onceuponatime03, 21jumpstreet19
- Let It Go!: godhelpthegirl20, crazyrichasians12, marypoppins06
- Memory Mystery: clueless19, prideandprejudice-netherfieldball13
- Hades Number: titanic-drawing06, scream08
- Card Claim: awtr-onlyhope03, ladyandthetramp01

September 25, 2019
- Level Up: awtr-onlyhope06, aquaman15, hp5-lunalovegood14, 500daysofsummer14, prideandprejudice17
- 9/23 Update: titanic-rosejack05, titanic-rosejack07, awtr-jamielandon03, awtr-jamielandon20, alwaysbemymaybe04, alwaysbemymaybe20, spiritedaway09, prideandprejudice-mrdarcy02, thelosers03, toystory119, twilight09, interviewwiththevampire20, tnbc03, catchingfire01
- Unreleased Cards Vote: pitchperfect09, thelosers19, letterstojuliet10
- Tangled: edwardscissorhands09, littlemermaid17
- Blackjack: dirtydancing01, moulinrouge19
- Saving Private Ryan: catchingfire14, badtimesatelroyale17
- Let It Go!: pitchperfect10, badtimesatelroyale18, 21jumpstreet20
- Memory Mystery: ghostship05, littlemermaid19
- Hades Number: littlemermaid09, casper-canikeepyou08
- Card Claim: awtr-onlyhope12, ladyandthetramp08

September 17, 2019
- 9/15 Update: twilight-baseball07, twilight-baseball14, avatar08, avatar11, aquaman10, aquaman20, loveactually09, easya15, passengers09, marypoppinsreturns15, beautifulcreatures20, catchingfire05, interviewwiththevampire13, twilight08, hp5-lunalovegood13, aquaman11, tnbc09, twilight-baseball05, awtr-onlyhope14
- Unreleased Cards Vote: aquaman04, moulinrouge07, achristmasstory19
- Tangled: hercules-hades02, interviewwiththevampire16
- Blackjack: lifeasahouse04, xmen501
- Saving Private Ryan: peterpan-wendypeter10, prideandprejudice-netherfieldball07
- Let It Go!: hercules-hades07, howtoloseaguy02, hotfuzz02
- Memory Mystery: therockyhorrorpictureshow11, up16
- Hades Number: acinderellastory16, hp1-harrypotter16
- Card Claim: edwardscissorhands01, catchingfire11

September 10, 2019
- 9/8 Update: hp5-lunalovegood06, hp5-lunalovegood20, hercules-hades09, xmen508, prideandprejudice09, frozen-letitgo08, crazyrichasians09, nightmareonelmstreet08, mulan09, lifeasahouse08, littlemermaid08, hp5-lunalovegood04, interviewwiththevampire11, twilight04, catchingfire08, beautifulcreatures13, twilight06
- Who Said That?: interviewwiththevampire10, batb-onceuponatime15, nightmareonelmstreet15
- Trivia: godhelpthegirl10, awtr-onlyhope05, twilight15, achristmasstory08
- Saga: blackswan04, rent12
- Taglines: howtoloseaguy18, mulan07, mulan16
- The Phantom Of The Opera: pitchperfect10, cityofbones19, peterpan-wendypeter20
- Wishing Well: cinderella-cinderella16, bringiton10
- Guess The Character: deadsilence04, peterpan-wendypeter06, 21jumpstreet09, awtr-onlyhope01
- Iago's Tic Tac Toe: aknightstale04, aladdin-iago01, therockyhorrorpictureshow18
- Unreleased Cards Vote: acinderellastory09, xmen503, 500daysofsummer15
- Tangled: almostfamous13, cityofbones11
- Blackjack: ladyandthetramp15, twilight12
- Saving Private Ryan: therockyhorrorpictureshow08, prideandprejudice13
- Let It Go!: tnbc02, almostfamous07, meangirls01
- Memory Mystery: beautifulcreatures01, beautifulcreatures03
- Hades Number: howtoloseaguy07, beautifulcreatures03
- Card Claim: tnbc15, twilight20

September 7, 2019
- 9/7 Random Freebies: tnbc02, twilight01, awtr-onlyhope01

August 27, 2019
- Who Said That?: hpphilosophersstone05, aknightstale20, crazyrichasians20
- Trivia: thebreakfastclub06, startrek11, cityofbones11, starwars415
- Saga: bringiton05
- Taglines: twilight10, beautifulcreatures05, casper-canikeepyou05
- The Phantom Of The Opera: scream05, bringiton04, tangled02
- Wishing Well: 21jumpstreet06, clueless08
- Iago's Tic Tac Toe: casper-canikeepyou12, tangled09, godhelpthegirl16
- Pixelated Card: interviewwiththevampire05, starwars418, twilight17
- Unreleased Cards Vote: catchingfire18, littlemermaid18, interviewwiththevampire01
- Tangled: bringiton20, blackswan01, scream07
- Blackjack: godhelpthegirl15, tnbc01
- Let It Go!: rent12, therockyhorrorpictureshow03, interviewwiththevampire09
- Hades Number: aladdin-iago10, 10things05
- Card Claim: tnbc20, awtr-onlyhope02
- Starter Pack: tnbc06, tnbc18, acinderellastory03, brave13, awtr-onlyhope08, twilight13, therockyhorrorpictureshow06, cityofbones02, brave11

Trade Log

October 16, 2019
- Traded Fran: my passengers13, moulinrouge19, mc-Nicolie for alwaysbemymaybe12, alwaysbemymaybe15, mc-Fran

September 21, 2019
- Traded Fran: my therockyhorrorpictureshow03, therockyhorrorpictureshow06, passengers09, moulinrouge07 for tnbc16, aquaman12, awtr-onlyhope09, awtr-onlyhope10